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    Angry NJ Arson ?

    OK, this is an actual story from my event filled trip to New Jersey this summer. My last nite there, there was a party at my place of employment, for the end of the summer. After the party, my date and I were enjoying the beach scene at about 2300. As I lean in for a kiss, I see a flash, and fireball come from the nearby lifeguard stand. Her, being an off-duty Lifeguard, and me, LG-EMT and Firefighter-Cadet, run to the stand, as 2 young males run off fromit, laughing and looking back. A boardwalk cop catches one, and I run the other one down (yea yea I know, I shouldnt have, but it ****ed me off) My question is, what charges will these Mutts face for setting fire to a Beach Patrol Lifeguard stand. It would have been used in the morning, but a new one was delivered. Both firebugs were under 18.
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    Criminal Mischief. Arson charges only pertain to structures (very loosely defined in the NJ Burglary statutes). The degree of crime will depend onthe value of a lifeguard stand. My guess is its under $500. So it is going to be a disorderly person offense. No past record and they walk out with a fine and restitution. If they **** the judge off, 5 days in the County Jail, but I highly doubt it.

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