SOS - Hurricane Pets Need Help!


The animal situation in Louisiana and Mississippi is CRITICAL!! I am a volunteer working with several rescue groups, and we are in need of help!!!! Having a family member in Fire & EMS Services, I know many of you love animals, and would respond if you were aware of the situation. Those with medical training could provide the necessary medical care needed. We are trying to reach as many individuals that can provide assistance as possible, since many animals only have 2-5 days left, if that, according to vets treating the animals... Time is running out...

It has been 19 days since the devistating hurricane hit. Many animals have been saved, however we need hundreds of Foster Homes, medical care, volunteers, and supplies for treatment. Rescuers are in great demand, since some areas have not even received care yet..

If you can volunteer your services, these are the critical needs at this time.

1. Medically trained individuals who can administer Medications, IV's, Antibiotics, ect. Assist vetrinary's with providing emergency care. If you know a vetrinary that can help - please have them contact us:

2. Volunteers to help wash, clean, walk, and feed the animals once they arrive at the shelters or make shift rescue locations. Help locate the animals owners and work to coordinate these efforts. National phone numbers have been established for victims of Katrina & their pets.

3. Rescuers - work directly with rescue organizations in the areas affected, searching homes, apts, where ever the need is.

4. Foster Homes are in great demand - THIS IS URGENT... We need people who can provide temporary or permanent homes now.. No hesitation - some animals will not be saved if they are not placed in homes soon. We need anyone willing to help in this matter across the U.S. or anyone affiliated with shelters able to accept more animals now...

5. Water Supplies - drinking water LARGE TANKS have been requested. Rescue groups are trying to fill up swimming pools in the dry areas to reach the animals not rescued yet. If your dept can do this, please contact: - with Pasado Safe Haven (Rescue Organization)

6. Donations - Monetary donations are greatly appreciated also. If you would just like to give a donation - we are directing all donations to the Rescue Organizations Directly. I am only interested in recruiting volunteers and providing rescue and relief operations and logistics. Our website has a listing of all national official "Rescue Organizations" that are legit and can be verified with the Better Business Bureau. I recommend you verify any organization before making any donations..

If you can provide any assistance, please contact me at:, or you can goto our animial rescue website for further animal rescue information.

Even if you can't help - Please pass this message along to your fellow workers, friends, vetrinary's, colleagues, and or EMS Departments...
and let others know we are in desperate need of help!

God Bless and thank you all for your dedication.. I know of your sacrifices, and I appreciate any help you can provide...