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    I am a volunteer firefighter in new york state and I have heard there is a law that prevents disaplinary action against firefighters who are late to work (or fail to show) because of a fire department call. I am looking for a link to a web page, law title (or number), or an answer if this is valid or not. I haven't gotten myself in trouble at work but I am just interested in where I can find this law if it exists (to show my employer at a later date).

    Thanks for any help! Point me in a good direction!

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    Dave, I'm not aware of such a law. I believe there was a proposal for something similar a few years back, but it died in committee (as many ideas do).

    The best thing you can do is approach your company's human resource dept and see what their policy is.Try to set something up if they are receptive. I know when I wore the 5 bugles, we had a form that I would sign for my guys who were out or late due to an incident that they would take to their employer as proof. All of those employers had pre-standing agreements with their people and it was understood that employees would make their best effort to get to work later or take PTO time.

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