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    the Yakuza's leased giant scalar interferometers
    Hmmm, someone has built a machine that alters weather and the most technical term someone else can come up for it is an interferometer?! That's too funny. I'm laughing so hard I need to get out my heartbeat-listening thingy to make sure I'm still alive.

    Let alone the fact that someone else built the thing, and is now "leasing" it to the Japanese Mafia. I didn't know they were that concerned with owning a piece of equipment and only being able to depreciate it for 5 years....

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    Sounds like we got about the same as you over there, I had lots of small limbs down in the yard. (2 trucks full) Power out over many parts of the Longview. Only saw a few houses with damage, all of them had large trees on them. We are busy with shelters, about 1400 evacuees here at peak counts. In fact I spent 3 hours on the side of the road helping 15 busses from Port Author find shelters when everything in Longview filled up. It was a nightmare locating places that could take 250 more people. The EOC was telling me "everything in Longview is completley full". Well after 3 hours of making phone calls from the side of the road a P.D. officer walks up to me and askes if this is the group from Port Author? I said yes and he said we have been waiting for them at the Maude Cobb shelter. I told him I have been talking with the EOC and they said there was no room anywhere in Longview. He said he know that but the day shift at the EOC did not pass on the word that this P.A. group had already been taken care off and shelter already arranged. I was glad of that but kinda ****ed that I spent 3 hours in the rain on the side of the road while we were trying to find a place for them to stay.
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    Default Interferometer

    Haha, I love it. I could use that in my Department. One Paramedic was trying to get an Asst. Chief to get rid of our wooden backboards, after the board split and cut his (medic's) leg. Chief said "okay, any Board that doesn't pass the legometer test should be tossed", haha.
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