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    Default VA FF job postings

    For any of you who may be considering a career as a Firefighter/Medic on the east coast of VA, Newport News Fire Dept and Norfolk Fire-Rescue are both currently accepting applications. NNFD will be accepting applications for the next recruit class until 9/30, and NFR appears to be accepting applications on a rolling basis.

    For a brief run-down on the NNFD application process, and a link to the on-line job application site, see http://www.nnfd.com.

    NFR's vacancy details can be found at their city employment website.

    Both departments employ personnel who are cross-trained in suppression and EMS; Nofolk trains to the Virginia EMT-Enhanced level, NNFD to the National Registry EMT-I level. All training is paid, and provided through Tidewater Regional Fire Academy.

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    Default Working in Tidewater Va F.D.'s ...

    I initially was interested and applied to Norfolk Fire Rescue EMS and one of the voluteer firefighter's from my town is presently in the Tidewater Regional Fire Academy. I was about to take my written, agility etc. when I found out the length of the academy (including the EMT-I,Enhanced) portion of the medical training after the recruit school. I was told about 4-7 months with no time for family etc. This disuaded me big time. I did not know that a firefighter pulls 1/2 of a 24hr. shift on the "bus". I didn't have a problem with that until I fully understood what the EMT-I/Enhanced firefighter does. It is basically (and I'm not bashing it) a faux medic position whereby the EMT administers various meds(correct me if I'm wrong), intubates etc. I'm am presently career on a ALS Ladder Co. and I can tell you that if anyone did not want to become a medic because of the amount of runs medic's endure etc., they certainly may not want to become this Enhanced EMT in another dept. I'm on a 3-4 man non-transport unit and the medic transports with a commercial agency. We basically pick them up at the hospital. We do approximately 2,500 run's per year (my unit) in 4 shifts at 42 hours. I could not honestly say that the fire medic position in NEWPORT NEWS FIRE or NORFOLK FIRE sounds appealing unless you really enjoy doing ems as a primary service and fire calls are scattered in between all of the ems runs. Maybe I'm still the traditional almost "old salt" that believes in fire service is one aspect and ems is the other, but I accept both now where I work...(almost)

    This is simply my situation and that is how I deal with it. It's a necessary job function throughout the US but if you want a firefighters' position and do occasional BLS/ALS, then these types of dept's MAY not be what you're looking for. Albight, I do find it appealing with respect to the size of the department's, resources available, special teams etc. Salary is also a major issue because it if very difficult to change positions now after top step, 12 years in, family, home etc. PLUS work more hours per week with 3 shifts. $32,000 vs. $65,000 is a hard pill to swallow...

    Please do not take this as an insult, bust or whatever. I truly would like to be a part of these types of department's but an applicant really has to make sure they know what they are getting for the salary and what the department is about. Good Luck to all new applicant's and we look forward to seeing you join the ranks of the fellow career brother's and sisters!

    Does anyone know why Virginia Beach Fire does not have the same setup of Fire medic's in their department? Is that because the volunteer squad's are still very active and only a few paramedic/firefighter's are on the apparatus in the career dept.???

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    No offense taken. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Every system has to change to meet the needs of the population it serves within the constraints of its budget. The dual-role staffing that is prevelant in the Tidewater area works for us; I would never suggest that it's the best option for every department in the world.

    As to the question you have regarding the EMT-E and NREMT-I scopes of practice, I invite you to look over the protocols that Tidewater EMS Council has set forth at this link. Feel free to PM me with any additional questions you may have.

    I agree with you completely that an applicant needs to have a good idea what exactly they will be responsible for once they're out of the academy. I think that the job descriptions posted at the city sites are reasonably unambiguous, and the orientation packets that applicants receive provide a good summary of those responsibilities.

    The city of Virginia Beach is unique in that it has a strong volunteer support base for their EMS operations. They have a number of paid Paramedics who provide supplemental coverage in zone cars, but the brunt of the call volume is handled by the various volunteer rescue squads organized within the city. This allows VBFD to avoid having to provide EMS coverage (beyond the first-response ALS/BLS level) for the city in addition to standard FD services. That being said, there are a number of ALS providers who work for VBFD and will transport with VBEMS when necessary. As I understand it, the FD has an agreement with their operational medical director that allows them to keep current on their certifications as long as they ride the box on X number of patients per year.

    Again, if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me via PM. And I echo you sentiment about welcoming new firefighters into the family, and wishing the best of luck to the applicants, candidates, and lucky few new recruits.

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