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That would be "Yall" Talk Funny

How is your family doing? The south part of Joseph Ave was completely wiped out.

How does "Yall" translate in Boston? is it "you guys" or "yout guys"?

I had to throw that in...Not too often I can get away with it!!

It took us about a week and a half to talk to her, after about 4 days she made contact on our voice mail but the cell phone went dead. She lived close to the water on Jospeh Ave, every thing was gone. She is doing better, but is still without a permanant home. No FEMA trailer yet!! We had planned on coming down, but with no place to stay....we might have to hold off.

I can always tell when the wife is ****ed at me....she converts back to that southern talkand feeds me grits and collard greens, When she does that I know I have crossed the line