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    Default International Chassis Compression Brake Warning!!!!

    I have just learned that International chassis equipped with International engines and the new compression brakes WILL NOT ACTIVATE until the oil temp reaches 180 degrees. How many miles or how long will you have to sit in the station before the engine reaches that operating temp? And there has been no mention of this “little feature” until the truck was brought back to the dealer thinking the brake was malfunctioning. Looks like another warning placard needs to be placed on the dash. Might not be a big problem to those departments with flat terrain, lighter GVW trucks but in hill country and cold climates might as well not have one on the truck. International suggests using a block heater or let the truck idle up to temp before starting off. Quick calculations with oil starting off at ambient temperature of say 75 degrees you would only have to sit 15 or 20 minutes. You could cut that down a bit if you mash the throttle for a while and put a grill cover on.

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    You can still get an exhaust break instead, works good for light GVW units. I dont think this should be allowed on the emergency services vocation trucks. Maybe NFPA will come out with a new addedum to 1901 addressing this issue.

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    Default vtecearl

    Reference: tomunh "International Chassis Compression Brake Warning"
    The International dealer who sold the chassis was contacted on June 29, 2005 and following that, this was referred to the NFPA Fire Department Equipment Committee and Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association. The only response has been “the activating oil temperature has been lowered to 140° F”. Even this is not acceptable on emergency vehicles that do not enjoy the luxury of “warm-up time”. We have advised the Product Support Group of International in Fort Wayne, Indiana of concerns and no positive concerns have been forthcoming. NFPA 1901 requires auxiliary braking on vehicles over 36,000# GVWR. This does not comply until the oil temperature reaches 140° F. To correct one item in the tomwnh statement, International has not offered any solution including block heaters. Accidents looking for a place to happen . . .

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    Cool IH brake

    We have 3 IH rescues built by Medtec that have the system you are describing and ours were modified prior to receipt to activate constantly. IH had to perform some computer wizadry to correct the situation but it can be done by IH. Dig deeper and have them do the computer changes to correct you situation.

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