Ok guys, need your input here...cleaning out the basement and space is at a premium so out with the old mags I haven't read in years BUT just curious....anyone out there in cyberspace who would want to buy 'em??? Not lookin' to retire off this..just wanna give them a good home instead of the trash heap...

I have the full years worth of issues from the mid-eighties (84' on up 'thru the late 90's)...all are in great shape (those real old ones are in plastic magazine protectors)...thought maybe there might be SOMEONE out there who needs/wants a certian issue from a certain year (maybe their pic is in that issue).

My 1st thought was of course E-Bay...looked up FH Mag thru their search engine & found issues from the mid '90's going for $5 an issue (what I figured I would charge) so maybe these well preserved 80's issues would be of interest...there's plenty of hip boots, Boardman fire apparatus ads and Scott IIA air packs to gawk at (even a few shots of the OLD Chemox canister masks Chicago used to use...yeah, even back in '84...Chicago has always been a unique place when it came to equipment...some of the guys in those issues wearing hip boots are probably still on the job with that same pair of boots.. )

My other question is other than E-Bay, does anybody have any suggestions on other websites or means to advertise these magazines? Not looking to take ads in any magazines to sell these..again, just clearing them out & thought someone might have an interest/need in them.

Look forward to your thoughts...thanks for the help...Stay Safe..