Tomorrow, Monday, September 26, 2005, the "Fire Shirts off our Backs" idea will be shipping 16,000 FD (sixteen thousand) firefighter t-shirts from all over the USA, Canada and the World to an IAFF site in Baton Rouge and an NVFC site in Holden, Louisiana and those shirts will go directly to all needing firefighters in all affected gulf states.

Thanks to all that have participated and a special thanks to the Bladensburg, MD (Prince Georges County) firefighters for handling all the physical management of these shirts (sorting by sizes, security, re-boxing etc),, and to the Delaware Volunteer Firemen's Association for taking care of the actual shipping to the IAFF and NVFC sites in Louisiana.
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So many of us want to help our Brother and Sister firefighters effected in the Gulf Coast and here is a very simple, low cost, meaningful way to help your Brother and Sister Firefighters...all of them....quickly and w/o bs.

EVERY FIREFIGHTER down there could use some clean T-shirts. This is nothing fancy-and of course, they will need more than shirts, but this is a start. And it would be from firefighters to firefighters without anyone else in between. Remember that the majority of FF's in those areas have lost everything.

If you and/or your FD can spare some new (unused) FD T-shirts of varied sizes, please join in on the firefighters 'THE SHIRTS OFF OUR BACKS" plan to provide as many FD T-shirts from the USA, Canada and from all over the world so they can see some immediate relief...and KNOW how much FIREFIGHTERS take care of FIREFIGHTERS. Everytime they wear one of your T-shirts...they will know.

Send your T-shirt(s) as soon as possible to:

c/o Bladensburg Fire Rescue Co. 9
4213 Edmonston Road
Bladensburg, Maryland 20710

Not only will these shirts be delivered quickly by firefighters for firefighters and be a welcome comfort-but they will provide those firefighters with HOPE...something that is extremely critical for their survival right now. They will know first hand how much your FD and your FIREFIGHTERS really care.
Small gesture-BIG payoff...little bs and beaucracy.
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