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    I am not neccessarily new to Firehouse but I have not seen everything there is to do on this website either. Mainly because there is alot. Anyways, I was approached recently and asked if I would be interested in starting an Explorers program for my fire dept. Since this website and the people that post in it's forums have yet to let me down I automatically came here and started searching. One of the first things I found was the Explorer/Juniors forum and because Ireally did not even know it was there i started browsing through some of the posts. If I have to put up with even half that amount of whining, bickering, bashing others, and just flat out bullsh** then I personally garauntee that my dept. will never start any kind of explorer or juniors program. The blame can not be put on just the younger members either. There are many so called senior firefighters that keep starting and instigating fights its rediculous. Lead by example. I find it hard to believe that a website as big as firehouse is allowing such juvenile and immature behavior. I think the forum is a great idea. It has the potential to be a awesome resource for not only people like me who are looking to start a program like that and ways to attract and keep their attention to get them to join and do stuff they would be interested in. But also for the explorers and juniors to give and get ideas for some different activities that would be interesting and still be a worthy training excercise. I want to post in this forum very badly because i have several questions that can be easily answered but unless it gets cleaned up, I seriously doubt i will.

    P.S. To the Webteam,
    I was not sure whether it would be a good idea to post this in that forum or not due to the fights it may start. However if you feel that it belongs there and not here then so be it you will not hurt my feelings what so ever. I just wanted everyone to realize that from an outsiders stand point that is a waste of space on the internet that could be better used for pop-ups.

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    I as well have come accros this fighting. It is extremely prevelent on this site in some of the threads and it does not seem to be confronted in any way. It seems that very little is done get rid of this stuff. It is simply a stain on website that most are used to but outsiders see as childish and irrevelant to the site, and that IS what it is. I would love to see this type of thing flat out STOP. I am sure that the moderators can do something about this but action needs to be taken sooner.

    The type of whinning and fighting that goes on here is nothin compared to some other sites

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