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    Default Small Rescue... Limited Cribbing?

    Received this request for advice from a fire officer. What would you tell him?

    Chief Moore:
    We are now putting in service a light rescue/service truck that we obtained via our state forestry commission. It worked the flight line at a nearby air force base, so it was lightly used (17K miles) and well maintained. We have acquired a Hurst tool and most everything that we discussed in our previous emails. We have step cribbing and the materials to build the stabilizing struts that you described. We also have wood to cut into cribbing as described in your book.

    What I don't have is recommended quantities of each type of cribbing. I would appreciate you marking up the table below from your book with the recommended quantities of each type of cribbing

    My Reply about cribbing.....

    Quantity depends upon carrying capacity.

    You'll need at least 4 stepchocks.

    Then, start with a quantity of 2x4x18" (about 12 minimum) and some 4x4x18" (about 10 t0 12)

    Find a place to carry at least two (2) of the 4x4x48" length timber.

    Add about four wedges as essential blocks as well.

    You can get by with the limited amount of cribbing if you have a tensioned buttress stabilization strut system to place in service for the difficult stabilization scenes.
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    Good answer Ron
    i thin kmany people struggle to get an idea of what is the minimum they should carry, however i think you've summed it up well...

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    I would suggest using 24" pieces of 4x4 timber cribbing. The footprint of 18" pieces is 10" and if all 4 points of a 2x2 box crib are loaded uniformly the height is limited to 30" or 2 1/2'.

    If the limited height of 2 1/2' is suffiecient, then no problem.
    Developer and Sr. Presenter, Team Xtreme

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