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    Question Prevention and Safety ideas?

    Looking for a little advise and insight. My department's looking at putting in for a Fire Prevention and Safety Grant, but have no idea what to go for. We've been lucky with the grants the last couple years, and figure what the hey, try this one.

    We've done some work trying to identify some ideas, but aren't have much luck. For a little background, we're a rural dept. with 1,100 inside the city, about 3,000 surrounding. Elementary enrollment is only around 300, not sure on MS and HS. We are in the middle of a meth producing area, so we've thought about the fire risk with kids on that angle. We've also had some juvenile fire setter issues as of late, and some minor kids playing with fire.

    Any grant writers or anyone else that might have some ideas, feel free to help me out!!

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    A few things that pop out at me while reading your post are these:

    Have you completed a Formal or Informal Risk Assessment of your Target areas, yet?

    What are you currently doing for Fire Prevention for the 300+ kids in your district (monthly & yearly)?

    Are you a volunteer or career/combo department?

    When you say you've had some Juvenile Firesetter problems, what has your department done (currently) to address that (if anything)?

    And what are those problem (more fires, experimentation, etc)?

    Have you made the local elementary school Principal aware of those concerns and asked for any ideas they may have towards a Fire Prevention/JFS Program?

    Just some initial ideas....
    Alana Tomlin Denton
    Freelance Grant Writer/Consultant

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    Default FP grant

    drafting our FP grant now...targeting households with kids and seniors, will be conducting assessment (15% of total residences) with explorers (storefront interviews) and inschool with FF's - tryng to determine level of detectors (SMOKE & CM). plan is to reward respondents to survey with devices during next year's FP week activities and try and get more into homes in community

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