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    Default My Happy Place ........

    What the hell has happened within my beloved Illinois forums???? I just read a few of the latest threads and OMG it's like reading TWD

    I'm just gonna shut my eyes, and click my heels three times ....... will that make things normal here again? CR?? Jack??? 80???? Anyone .......

    On a side note...... personal issues need to be kept OFF the forums, there's really no need to air your dirty laundry for everyone else to see. I wouldn't wanna see your dirty undies flopping around in front of my face and I certainly don't wanna see this he said/she said BS and I'm sure no one else here does either..

    With that being said, how was everyone's weekend?

    I went to see Robert Plant in concert (sat in a luxury suite), courtesy of the local radio station. Then tonight I won yet another gift certificate to a local watering hole, bringing my total up to $60 in GC's, I will be spending them this week as one expires on Friday.
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    Jenn, you'll see that we have tried to get the culprits to shut up. I wouldn't be upset if the WT came in and took a thread or two out. For the most part, the boyz from illinois behave themselves and respect each other. Once in a while somebody's gotta cause trouble.

    $60 could get me happy for the whole weekend, not just a Friday night. Remember me when you're bending the elbow, will ya? That is, if you've get your own sorrows drowned first.
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