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    Default Bump....

    Quote Originally Posted by devondual
    I was recently given the job of coming up with a detailed daily apparatus checklist. Does anyone know where I can get sample forms. The checklists are for engines and aerial apparatus. Thanks Stacy

    Same here. I could use checklists for Engine, Aerial, Tanker and all equipment including SCBA.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Default Zonar

    Has anyone heard of or tried Zonar. It is an electronic inspection system that as you walk around you scan items that you check and input the condition of those items. Then I think when the hand held device is cradled it uploads the inspection report where it is stored by the Zonar company. I think you can even customize the inspections for each vehicle.


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    We offer a wireless application that tracks the type of details you reference. Be happy to share our story if you are interested...

    Check it out at www.responsivetechltd.com
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    Not to resurrect this thread but.... I'm looking for apparatus forms that I can get ideas on format and layout from. The old excel version 'monthly apparatus check' sheets look bla, I'd like to spruce them up to something that looks professional.

    More importantly, I need to update our 'post-run' apparatus sheets (something the driver fills out when we get back to the firehouse) The sheet would capture the crew, demographics, items used were replaced, items needing attention / missing, etc.

    Anybody able to provide some examples of what you are using? feel free to send electronic versions to my mailbox or my personal email bwebster@nycap.rr.com Contact me directly for my snail mail address... Thanks in advance for your assistance; the Chief has been on my back about this for a while now... Ben

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    I am looking for daily inspection forms for fire apparatus.

    EMAIL: yfd@ns.sympatico.ca


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    we are required to do a daily inspection and walk-around (usually done before morning radio check/roll-call) as well as a trip log for all of our vehicles (including non-emergency and even for equipment that never leaves the site: lawn mowers, farm tractors, etc)

    PM me for the file if you are interested (too large for uploads) you can modify the letterhead for your own agency (ours is mostly based on DOT truck inspection sheets)
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    Default Engine/Truck Company Equipment Check List

    Does anyone have a copy they could send me of their Engine/Truck company
    equipment check list that they currently use. I am trying to revamp the one we currently use but I am looking for suggestions on a new form. Also does anyone have one that is broken down by daiily equipment checks and thne bi-weekly checks. We check the following equipment daily.
    All SCBA's
    All Saws/Blades and gas cans
    Water Cans
    All Generators
    All Hurst Tools
    Gas Meter
    Radios/Spare batteries

    We then check Bi-Weekly the Irons, ladders, Spare nozzles etc.

    My email is bbierman284@live.com

    Any help is appreciated

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