I just wanted to get some feedback from fellow brothers and sisters on this one!!!!! This is LUDICROUS!!!!!!

These are recent articles from the Connecticut Post in Bridgeport...It makes me want to puke.

July 28, 2005
Connecticut Post
Drug felon staying on hiring list
BRIDGEPORT- Earl King Jr., sentenced to federal prison in 2001 for bagging crack cocaine for the Russell and Adrian Peeler drug gang, will remain on the city's firefighter hiring list. The Civil Service Commission on Tuesday voted unanimously to uphold its earlier decision to place King, a convicted felon, on the list. He is ranked 16th on the list to hire entry-level firefighters.

September 21, 2005
Connecticut Post
Felon added to list for city firefighters
BRIDGEPORT-A city resident given a suspended sentence for larceny has been placed on the candidates' list for city firefighters, making him the third felon added to the list in the last 15 months. James Bulerin Jr. was placed on the hiring list following a unanimous vote last week by the Civil Service Commission, Ralph Jacobs, city personnel director, said.

These are the kinds of people that Affirmative Action puts on the job.
Plain and simple.