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    Default Got the call!

    One of our US Senators called this afternoon to congratulate us on our award, I hope that's official notification enough.
    I'd like to thank the many members of this forum who have contributed their knowledge and advice over the last many months (I learned a lot from just reading the posts here).
    Now if I can just get this Prevention and Safety application wrapped up, I'll be done for a month or so maybe!
    And just in case anyone is interested we got our 1199A verification and the 10 questions 3 weeks ago, followed the next week by an adjustment request and today, the call from the Senator's office.
    Thanks again.

    Jim Glennon
    Valley Volunteer Fire Department
    Possum Valley, Arkansas

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    Congrats Trojan
    Kurt Bradley
    Public Safety Grants Consultant

    "Never Trade Skill for Luck"

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