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Thread: FDNY Question

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    Default FDNY Question

    I was wondering what the chances would be for someone that has lived in Portland, Maine their whole life but would love to get on with FDNY. Should I not even bother taking the test because i dont live in NYC. Cause im guessing that is the awswer. Thanks for the help

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    Take the test bro, but everyone here will tell you the same thing you will need at a 99/99 at least on both the written test and physical to have a prayer. Its tough now to get on but its gonna get much much harder because they have hired so many guys sine 9/11. Something like 75% of the job has five or less years on. But definetly take the test. Best Luck!

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    few quick questions: Is anyone that you know of in the FDNY from texas?

    And, does it matter on the test if you have any previous experience: For example, if you've worked on a paid department for several years and have your paramedic patch

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    most people that have taken the test in the past will tell you they did not live in nyc to get hired, i lived 200 miles away and recieved my employment packet a few months ago. i did not have any residency or extra points added.had a combined score of 99. you will not recieve anything extra for having any certs or paramedic. you do need 30 college credits. take the test.

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    Thumbs up Well...

    Chance of getting hired: ? %.
    Chance without taking test: 0%.

    It would suck to go through all that trouble and not get hired. It would suck even worse to wonder "What if..." for the rest of your life.
    Do it, Dude!
    "PHILIPPEANS 4:13"

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    Thumbs up Hear! Hear!

    That's why I took it. I knew that I would regret not even just taking the test.

    Just follow the threads that are already on here. Do a search on "FDNY" and you'll get a lot of results. That way a lot of info doesn't get repeated on another thread again.

    Good luck,

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    Default Fema Credits

    Do credits from FEMA count as college credits

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    yes. fdny does accept fema credits. i have a friend who just went through the online courses and were accepted.

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