I think this question seems pretty cut & dried, but there seems to be a ton of discussion at our department. (mostly because our chief is trying to cover his screw up!!)
We had 2 members go to school to get their 240. (we're a small vol. department and most only have their 36 hr class.) After the 2 guys passed their class and had paid for it themselves, the chief told them that he had gotten notice of being awarded a small grant to pay for the classes. I have yet to find out exactly what grant he says we got, but that's neither here nor there.
Anyway, the chief is out of town for awhile but has told the guys that they have to have the school change their invoices to show that the department paid for the classes. (Wouldn't that be falsifying a document for a federal program?)
Would you guys see a problem with just writing a department check to the 2 members upon getting their personal receipts from the college showing that the class had been paid for. I would think that the cancelled checks to the two members along with the receipts from the college with their names matching the checks would be enough paper trail to show what the money was paid for.
How do other departments reimburse members for schooling after proof of a passing grade?
The other problem that I have is that I don't know of many grants that will allow you to use their funding for something that was paid for prior to the awarding of the grant. I want to make sure that we don't get stuck doing something that the chief says he "knows what he's doing" and it be an uneducated decision.