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    Exclamation N. J. Cops Caught for Speeding on I-81!

    I can't believe that these cops from New Jersey or any where would disregard the laws of any state while traveling through. You just donít do this.

    Probably should have been locked up and brought in front of a judge!!

    N.J. police object to stop of 95-mph convoy
    Officers heading home from Katrina duty got warning, then got mad
    Friday, September 30, 2005

    WAYNESBORO, VA -- A speeding New Jersey police convoy should not have been warned to slow down here, its superiors say, despite numerous 911 calls from motorists claiming they were forced off Interstate 81.

    An incensed New Jersey sheriff called an Augusta County deputy a "disgrace" for pulling over officers returning home from a Hurricane Katrina relief mission Sept. 18.

    Augusta Sheriff Randy Fisher and the Virginia State Police defend the stop because the New Jersey officers were traveling 95 mph with their lights flashing.

    Virginia law requires an emergency before officers can speed and activate their lightbars. Instead of a warning, the speeding officers could have gotten citations.

    "It was causing a dangerous situation, and basically we had to do something," Fisher said. "People were pulling off to the left and people were pulling off to the right getting out of the way of these guys."

    Virginia State Police said they logged "numerous" 911 calls early Sept. 18 from motorists complaining about marked cars from the Passaic County Sheriff's Office and Wayne Police Department driving dangerously near Weyers Cave.

    With Virginia State Police troopers busy working other cases, only Augusta County Deputy Mike Roane was available to answer the call. Roane averted a potential disaster, Fisher said, after clocking the convoy's lead car at 95 mph.

    "Five or six of them did not stop, they just continued northbound," the Augusta sheriff added. "I think they were in a hurry to get home."

    Roane ordered the officers whom Fisher described as belligerent -- in the remaining six cars to cut off their lightbars and slow down. A Virginia trooper telephoned their New Jersey departments requesting that the homeward-bound officers slow down.

    "There was no emergency situation they were responding to in Virginia that we know of," Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said.

    That same day, Virginia troopers patrolling the state's southwestern interstate roads pulled over a roughly 80-car convoy of New York police homebound from Katrina relief, Geller said. That group stuck to the speed limit, though troopers asked them to stay out of the left lane.

    The news of the Augusta County stop incensed Passaic County Sheriff Jerry Speziale, who, in a taped telephone conversation with Roane, lambasted the deputy for stopping his officers.

    "If you think that that's not a disgrace, you should take that badge off your shirt and throw it in the garbage," Speziale said. "This is unacceptable, and I'll tell you what, I hope I get the opportunity to show you the same courtesy up here in New Jersey."

    Speziale told Roane that "law enforcement is all about supporting each other" and said he was reporting the Augusta County stop to the National Sheriffs' Association.

    Speziale ended the call after cutting short Roane's attempt to detail the incident. "I don't talk to deputies," the New Jersey sheriff said.

    Other officials from the New Jersey departments remain indignant that its officers were ordered to slow down.

    "We make no excuses," Passaic County Sheriff's spokesman Bill Maer told The News Virginian on Tuesday. "They'd been working 'round the clock [in a hurricane-devastated New Orleans]. They were coming back with equipment that needed to get back. In our opinion, they acted appropriately. We take offense at the way they were treated."

    A Wayne police official seemed angered when The News Virginian called about the incident last week.

    "So what, we're not going to talk about the good these people are doing, you're just going to look for something bad?" Capt. Paul Ireland replied.

    Fisher, instead of phoning Speziale, drafted him a letter detailing the stop, defending Roane's actions, and saying that the New Jersey officers were "unprofessional."

    Passaic County, in the meantime, plans to send more volunteers to New Orleans, but not through Augusta County.

    "We're going to avoid Virginia at all cost -- we're clearly not welcome there," Maer said. "Maybe Virginia should learn from our example."

    Michael L. Owens and Alicia Petska are staff writers at The News Virginian in Waynesboro.
    This story can be found at: http://timesdispatch.com/servlet/Sat...=1031785364306
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    Carefull, you'll get blamed for "cop bashing".
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    Having seen cops and other law enforcement officialís move through various states, heading home or to other places, speed may be necessary at times. Going back to NEW JERSEY, could never be used as an acceptable excuse. I can see where the local folks would get upset with a bunch of yahoos running with lights and sirens on at a high rate of speed, especially one that are out of state. I am wondering if they did this coming through Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee as well! They probably sped through Pennsylvania as well!

    Did the Sheriffs Deputy over react to this? I donít think so. He was enforcing the laws of the State of Virginia. They were probably lucky that a Virginia State Trooper did get them speeding!

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    If they had killed someone a lawyer would have handed them their asses. They're lucky they got pulled over and ordered to slow down and cut the lights. Not cop bashing, it's common sense! We don't run emergent through every state in the west to assist with a wildfire and we sure as hell don't run emergent home from any run!

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    A bunch of cops don't think that they should EVER be cited for anything apparently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyckftbl View Post
    LOL....dont you people have anything else to do besides b*tch about our b*tching?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave1983
    Carefull, you'll get blamed for "cop bashing".
    Not this time.

    Police officers are permitted to use discretion when issuing summonses. For the most part, officers will be given a pass if they are pulled over for a traffic violation (truth be told, most FF would, too). However, there are certain things that cause, with most officers, this "pass" to go out the window. One of those things is being a jerk.

    Most of the guys, including me, if they get pulled over, will hold their shield below the window line (so it is not on camera) and let the officer know that you are a LEO. This tells him that he is dealing with someone who is armed and is not dealing (usually) with an idiot. Professional courtesy goes both ways. If you want the officer to not write a summons, don't treat the officer like dirt. No matter what. The officer has the final decision. If he writes the summons, he writes the summons.

    Couple of things that you have to realize here (Jersey guys know this). On most counties, the most powerful political official is the Sheriff. In Passaic County, the Sheriff acts like a dictator. Everything in that county has his name plastered all over it. He, for example, runs the County Haz-Mat Team using Sheriff's Officers.

    There was, at least according to the article, alot of disrespect shown to Deputy Ruane, including by the Sheriff. I am certain that not all officers were jerks. The Deputy really had no choice. The totality of the circumstances revealed that there may have been a threat to public safety.

    I would have written the summonses too.

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    1) they were speeding on their way back from NO
    2) they had their lights on when RETURNING from an emergency.
    3) they are using their lights and sirens in a state that isn't thier own.

    aren't their laws against doing stuff like this?

    I checked out officer.com for their point of view. they can't believe the state police did this. something about professional curtesy. and how the VSP should appologize for their actions. sorry but the VSP were doing their jobs. in an emergency, they can bend the rules, not when they are coming back. and not when they act like jackasses

    funny thing, the same thing happened with an NYPD convoy. the convoy was travelling down the road, apparently blocking 3 lanes of traffic, including the left lane. state police recieved complaints, pulled over the lead car. asked the lead car to please stay in the right lane, so other cars could pass. lead car said ok, no tickets written, no more traffic blockage. everyone was happy
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    That twit Sheriff in NJ sounds like a real prize.

    There is support and there is looking out for one another.

    I am sure that his attitude would have changed if his deputies had killed or injured someone.

    What a maroon.
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    common curtesy goes a long way but not when your a jackass. What was it NYPD-they acted respectfully. they respected the wishes of the local. If a fire convoy had done this they would of caught hell from there commanding officers. This stuff is not acceptable on fire side, why is it on popo side. I dont see a difference

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