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    My Department was notified today of a successful grant application for turnout gear, but we were only given 1/2 of our requested funds. The rep. stated the peer review indicated some of our gear doesn't need replacement. I have been told there is a process to challenge the decision. Does anyone know anything about this challenge process?

    Thank you

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    How much did you budget for each set of gear? Year before last, they cut our amount for each set. Perhaps your amount per set was too high????
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    If you stated that 50% of your turnouts were NFPA compliant in the application, then they won't be paying to replace them which is why you were awarded half. In which case, there is no challenge, because if you claim you need all new gear for everyone now, then it sounds like you weren't accurate on the application, in which case, they may say no grant at all for submitting a fraudulent application. Sorry if that sounds dramatic, but they're pretty tight about applications not having accurate data. Lots of fraud has been committed in the past.

    Let us know if that's not the case about the % of complaint PPE, we'll figure something else out and help you challenge it.

    - Brian

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    The challenge process is strictly limited to "TECHNICAL ERRORS" only, and that means they made a technical error, not you guys. Having been down this road before with two departments last year, I can tell you that when you push the submit button, you had better not have made ANY mistakes, intentional or unintentional because unless the error is theirs ( computer glitch, scored incorrectly etc.) you won't get to first base. Better to save your breath and time and just re-submit, the process is indeed quicker that way.
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