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    Default Wanting to ask my local dept some stuff..

    Maybe this is an odd question, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I'd like to go down to my local fire dept. and see if they can answer some of my questions, and maybe gain some insight into how the department works. But I know they're an emergency service and I don't want to disrupt anything or cause problems. Is it generally a good idea to just pay a department a visit, or should I call first?

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    are they paid or volunteer?

    if they are volunteer, they might not be there unless there is a call or a planned event. most will have a phone number or some way you can contact them if you are interested in joining, or just to get information about the department.

    if they are paid (or sometimes volunteer), and you see them just hanging out at the station, say hi. they might be busy. or if they are running around grabbing gear, watch out, they are probably getting ready to leave for a call.
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    Just dont park in front of the BRT.
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    An advance call would be a good idea.They might have training scheduled or be out on a call and no one is there.
    For a volunteer outfit,if you see someone at the station,you can drop in and say Hi and ask for a tour.
    If you think of it,goodies will always grease the skids,though it's not required.
    Other than that,bring the kids.I,for one,love to give tours and let kids see what I'll look like when I'm packed up and coming to a fire near you.

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