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    Question Training Engineers

    What do other departments require for their members to be driver operators? Can they be just a driver for some apparatus, or must they be pump qualified for all trucks? What kind of schooling and training are required before they are on their own? Any input is welcome.

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    Our department requires all drivers to be pump operators with full pump ops training and hours and hours of driving and training time. We go by the thought that it does no good to get the water and pump to the fire if you can't get it on the fire.

    We have minimum age requirements for all apparatus in order to qualify to be a driver.

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    Red face qualified

    Our engineers have to be pump trained and aerial trained in case they are assigned to an aerial unit. Also as part of their training thay have to come to the shop and go through a pump test and a service on a unit.

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    Drivers must be checked off on each apparatus. Basics are one year on the job, the full 40hr state pump class and EVOC (aerial opps class for the quint). Then you must complete a minimum of 20 hrs documented road time, then a practical test with the training Chief.
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    In our department Training starts on the Smallest piece of apparatus moving to the largest, Utility, Engine, Engine, Heavy Rescue for one station, and Utility/Decon, Field, Engine, Reserve Engine, and Ladder for the other station. Special consideration is given to new members with prior emergency response driving time. Our qualification sheet is quite intense and lenghty, it covers general maintenance, use, operation, quirks, and lots of other issues pertaining to each individual truck, this is to only to ensure that the person qualified is sure of his or her own abilities and the person qualifying that individual is confident in the trainee. Driver Qualification is slow this time of year as the temperature drops and the roads get bad, so we do the best with what we have in training. All trainee's and current operators are STRONGLY encouraged to participate in EVOC and Pump 1 and 2 classes.

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    In my dept., must have 3 years on the job, have taken the 80 hr pump operator, driver class, take promotional exam, then complete a training program consisting of all the basic d.e. skills.

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    We require fours years service, then one year training with other drivers and the Chief Engineer. After that you are tested by the Cheif Engineer and your approval given to the Chief for final say.
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