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    We are in the process of specing out a new brush truck. It has been brought up about a poly body. I'm looking for any one that has a poly body for some input. What are the pro's and con's, issues or problems. Is there a significant weight reduction vs. conventional body such as extruded aluminum? Does extreme temperatures such as freezing or below freezing temperatures have any affect on the body?

    Thanks for the help.

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    I realy dont know much about poly bodies, however you may want to touch base with Darley or UPF. They do a great deal with poly bodies.

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    I have been in the apparatus business going on 25 years and have some opinions on poly bodies. Some of my friends in the business build poly bodies and have done well with them. Their customers seem to like them for the most part and have few problems if used in the proper applications. I even built a brush truck for my old department a few years ago and used some poly compartments. There really isn't time or room here for me to give you all my information, opinions and experiences on this subject but feel free to contact me via email if you would like to have further conversations.

    I also feel that the fire apparatus industry will be moving to more composite materials in the future.


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    Our rescue has a polybody...

    So far so good :-)

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