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    Default Need some help with Info?


    I am looking for any information on the LODD which occured possibly 10+ years ago. It involved a live burn exercise conducted in a bus which was converted into a live burn canister. I think this occured somewhere in the North East.

    I have searched the NIOSH database and can't find any info.

    Thanks for any help,
    Chris Budzinski

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    If it's the one I'm thinking of there wasn't a fatality involved. But there was serious injury. E-mail me.

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    Default Nj

    It happened some where in Northern NJ at one of the county fire academies. It was a school bus that they were using for search training and they were burning tires inside. They had no or limited safety lines in place when the bus flashed. There was definitly a fatality involved. I have the state report somewhere in my training binders. I will dig it up and find out more info for you.
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    The mentioned incident I believe occurred in Parsippany New Jersey. I do not believe there were fatalities. GWCFI would be the go to guy on this one.

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    When I was doing some research on live training burn exercises I ordered the report from this incident. I can't remember what site I ordered it from offhand, but I do know you can order it. I no longer have it as I submitted it with the rest of my documentation. I did however find an exerpt of it in "Trends and Hazards in Firefighting Training Special Report- May 2003. Technical Report Series-USFA-TR-100" FEMA

    In late 1992, three firefighters were seriously burned while conducting training in a modified school bus that had been converted for use as a search and rescue simulator. The windows of the bus hd been weded shut, no roof ventilation holes were cut, and the front door had accidentally jammed shut after the trainees and the instructor entered the bus. The operation had no incident command system, no safety officer, no back-up line, and no emergency medical standby.

    The training evolution consisted of firefighters entering a burning, smoke-filled structure and completing search and rescue without a hose line. No check was made of the firefighters' gear as they went into the former passenger area of the bus.

    The fire had been allowed to pre-burn for 10 minutes. Conditions degenerated into flashover while the crew was inside. One firefighter was trapped inside after the disorganized exit by the others. He went into respiratory arrest as he was removed from the bus, and he was revived. That firefighter spent over two months in a critical care burn unit. Two others were less seriously burned, but required weeks of care in burn units.

    One of the major lessons of this incident was the recognition of the inappropriate nature of such improvised structures (e.g. a modified school bus) for such a hazardous operation. The near-total lack of organization and safety procedures is also a major lesson from this unfortunate incident."

    Hope this is what you were looking for, and after looking at this documentation that I still do have, I'm thinking I may have ordered this stuff from the FEMA site.

    After looking through some old emails I found the one from George (who was a great help when I was doing my research), it was indeed Parsippany, NJ in December 1993. I cannot share the details of my email without George's permission, but he may show up here and share his knowledge.
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