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    Looking for feedback. I own a small advertising company in Virginia. My wife and I contribute to the local fire departments in the area, have helped in the "fill the boot", popcorn fundraising, and attend occasional breakfasts. I see that in some of these ways of fundraising, there is a lot of effort but not realy enough funds. I came up with a fundraising idea that could tremendously help. Here is how it works: Advertisers pay a service fee to place their business cards in my display stands in high traffic areas, 6 month to one year contracts. Areas include restaurants, grocery stores, car washes, etc.. I have sales persons who find advertisers in the area, they get a percentage of the fee. Then I thought of fire departments using our business as a fund raiser, less head ache for me and contributing to the F.D.'s
    What I have come up with is volunteers contact friends, relatives, anyone who has an advertising need, and offer my service as fundraising. What does the fire department get? 50% of fees from clients generated. Thats not all, as long as the clients advertises with us, every contract they renew, the fire department still gets 25 to 35% of the renewal fee for doing nothing! Contracts would be 6 months ($395) or 1 year ($695). I'm sure your eyes just lit up with those prices.... Advertising in news papers and other advertising sources cost this much just for a week or 2, in my area, it is that much and then some! My company takes care of the rest, all the FD does is sign the client up. Another plus is that it is'nt a weekend or shceduled event, it can be done when ever the person has time. A friend of mine in the local FD here discussed it, with figures we made, 50 volunteers generating an average of 4 clients per person = 200. Minimum... 200x$395 = $79000 x 50% = $39500. Not to mention receiving funds every time they renew! Any feed back or questions?

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    one thing - you may be too high on your estimated number of 4 per FF - remember - we all live near the Firehouse - so the majority will deal with the same local merchants and businesses. i looked at my own station - 40 FF's with about 40 local businesses - not much volume here even if we assume that each FF brings in 1 outside the area contact.......

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