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    Default FDNY Test Question

    Question for the FDNY guys -

    What is the written exam like? General knowledge or fire related questions? Any materials out there to study for the exam?

    Also, is it the standard CPAT for the physical test?

    Thank You

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    The written is very general civil service questions (reading comprehension, memorization, multiple choice) with wording for fire service. But, it's designed so that you don't need any fire experience to understand the questions.

    The physical is a timed obstacle course. Not sure how the medical physical is prior to hiring.

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    There are plenty of text books you can get to help you study for the test. I don't have the name of the one I used, but it's sitting in my draw at home. If you want I can email it to you tomorrow, if you give me your address. It was really a great help. It has all sorts of practice questions and sample tests and goes through each section of the test and what they're looking for.

    I also took a training course for the written as well as for the physical. The course for the written ran me like $350 and the physical ran me about $500 out on Long Island. All of this information is readily available in the Chief, Civil Service Newspaper. You can find this civil service newsletter at most newstands in NYC. It is published every Tuesday. The next written exam is scheduled for next October so you have a year.

    I am set to take the medical physical this month, but I've heard from some guys that they give you a 3 or 5 minutes on the stair Escalator with the 40lb weight vest and monitor your heart rate. Lots of guys fail this, but you can retake the medical test like 4 times. There's a blood test, eye/ear exam, and basic physical. I would definitely pick up the weight vest as well.


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    Exclamation Message for all FDNY

    hey whats going on? Hey, I got a real serious question. I just got out of high school and I always wanted to be an FDNY firefighter. You have to be 21 and have atleast 60 college credits (or 2yrs. military service)...I dont know what I should do! What would help me be a firefighter for FDNY? a paramedic degree or firefighter degree? I want to be an FDNY firefighter...always have since i could walk. But now I need some serious guidance on to what I should and need to do. So Please ask FDNY firefighters and yourself what needs done. Please give them my email (fightwhatyoufear1@yahoo.com) and please help guide me on what to do! Thank you and God Bless!

    -Samuel Murray
    Bridgeport Fire Dept. Co.2

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    How about joining the Army for 2 or 3 years.
    The Army has a great firefighting MOS (Military Occupational Speciality), or...
    you can become EMT qualified through the military if you choose a Corpsman/Hospitalman MOS.
    If you join up, you'll get in your marching time and disipline training prior to any Academy.
    Don't forget the G.I. Bill. That'll pay for any college courses, something like $1400 each month you're in school with the new programs...i.e. 'plus-up' for the GI Bill.
    Military experience will help your physical requirements toward your demanding dream.
    Hope this helps.

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