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    Default How did you get where you are?

    Hey guys,

    Im a 17 year old, Cadet Fire fighter. In Alaska, Im from Texas. So, What i would like to know is how did you get to the job that you are in now? What steps did you take to get there? Im looking at ideas for my life plan. Thanks for any help.

    My steps im thinking are going to be, Finish High school, Go into the Airforce as a Fire fighter, get and then become a Civil Fire fighter some where down in Texas.

    Thanks guys,

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    Default My route...

    Well, I guess I was lucky. My department back then hired off the street if you were 21 years old, clean driving and criminal history, pass the physical agility and a civil service test determined your ranking in the class. But alas, those days are gone my friend. My department sent me to fire academy and then an in-house EMT. After that we were assigned to stations and we went to Paramedic at a local JuCo. Now, they require you to be fire certifiable at time of hire and until recently be a Paramedic already. They did drop the age to 18 however. Which I thought was funny due to how many 18 y.o. ff/paramedics do you know running around. But on our last entrance test due to a severe lack of applicants, they droppped the Paramedic requirement down to at least EMT. A few departments around Texas still hire in such a similar fashion. But they are usually larger departments such as Houston, Dallas, Austin, F.W., ect....

    Whatever your route, good luck to you and stick with it kid! It's worth it!

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