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    Question Grant Reviewers

    I was wondering how or who you contact to be part of the review proces for AG or FP&S grants?????

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    You need to begin contacting the organizations you are a member of (any Chief Associations on a State level or National level) as they assist in sending in a list back up to DHS of folks thatthey have who are interested in going to sit on peer review. Start emailing now, letting them know you are interested.

    And, Barbie, I believe, if you are a member of any Women's FF org's (national), they too are a part of this process. Good luck!
    Alana Tomlin Denton
    Freelance Grant Writer/Consultant

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    Default Peer Review


    If you have any further questions about the peer review, I would be more than happy to answer them as I participated in the process last year.

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    How did you get on the review board? that is what I would like to do and I am not sure how to get my name out there.

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