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    Question Extra Grant money for fire prevention

    Our dept received an 05 AFG grant and will have extra money that we can use for fire prevention. I do not want to just buy more coloring books and crayons, or more paper stuff. Can you share some of your unique ideas with us? Thanks Barb

    Please provide where you purchase the item from too if you know.

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    Default FP idea

    we are planning a smoke detector campaign - do an in person survey to set a baseline case for increase the number in use in the community, give each respondent a coupon for free batteries to put into existing units. if you have enough - buy a few extra detectors and give them out too

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    We were approved an amendment for a new computer, handheld pc, mobile printer and the software for doing fire inspections and preplans.

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    Dishwasher beat me to it. There are a good amount of solid software programs to do preplans and inspections with, several will run on PDAs.

    Personally I'm looking at a Dell Aximbecause it has all 3 major flashcard slots in it, and I bought a USB flashdrive from Sam's Club that has an SD card slot so I can swap files very easily. The top Axim has an available cable that will plug into projectors and to run PPT shows or anything else on the PDA. Battery life on the 1100maH battery is quite long. My boss ripped DVD movies onto a 1 GB CompactFlash card and watching 4 movies on the flight to Paris on his way to India on the same battery. There is lots of power is available in the computing world, we might as well make technology work harder since it beats us having to.

    Anything that makes the learning process interactive so that the kids remember the knowledge that was passed on to them when it is needed is good in my book.

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