I am a firefighter paramedic in Pensacola, Florida.I am trying to move back home to Arizona. I got out of the military last year and Pensacola was my last duty station. I joined the civilian side of the federal fire department on base in Pensacola. But Arizona is where my heart is. Just wanted to get in the federal system. All my family is in Arizona and they are getting old and I want to be closer to home to take care of them. If anyone could help me out with information or what chiefs I can talk to about possibly working in Arizona please help me. Also if you are a fireman who works in Arizona tell me how duty is down there for you. I appreciate any input. Also I have my DOD Firefighter 1&2 certs, DOD Hazmat Awareness,Operations,and HAZMAT Technician, DOD Instructor 1, as well as national registry EMT, and Florida paramedic certification. Also if you know the reprocity policy for out of state paramedics for Arizona policys please giveme any info you can. You can email me at anto6123@bellsouth.net

Robert Antoine