Northwood Firefighters Association


First Annual Firefighter Safety Seminar

April 1st, 2006 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Northwood High School 700 Lemoyne Rd. Northwood, OH


Scheduled Presentations:

Morning Session-
Accountability-Fact or Fiction (2 Hours)
Mike Smith, Deputy Chief (ret.) District of Columbia Fire & Rescue
Each year 100 firefighters are killed on the fireground. This presentation will demonstrate how to cut that figure significantly. It will involve all of the facets of safe fireground behaviors. A must for all members and ranks of the fire service.

Engine Company Operations, Are You Safe On the Line? (2 Hours)
Robert "Butch" Cobb, Battalion Chief Jersey City, NJ FD
Engine company operations on the fire ground sounds simple enough; stretch some lines and aim a stream of water at the fire. This seminar examines the important tactical objectives of the engine company. Successful engine company operations begin with size up, not only for the officer but for all members of the crew. A method of assisting the 1st due engine company utilizing a simple "Information Gathering System" is discussed. Are light weight truss construction, energy efficient windows and older buildings "yellow flags" in your size up? Find out why they should be. Correct size up will determine initial tactics and strategy and will set in motion the "incident game plan". The engine company's rescue plan will also be discussed. Chief Cobb's Presentation will take you through the components and skills that make a successful engine company stand out on the fireground.

Afternoon Session-

Firefighter Close Calls, Injury and Death Prevention: Applying the Required Courage to Effect the Needed Changes (4 Hours)
Chief Billy Goldfeder, E.F.O., Firehouse Magazine Columnist "CLOSE CALLS", Battalion Chief-Loveland Symmes, OH FD

Chief Billy Goldfeder presents a multimedia presentation reviewing fireground events and most specifically, the LESSONS LEARNED so that these incidents (and those involved) donít ever become forgotten. This high energy, direct, frank and professionally and respectfully presented program provides the attendees an excellent opportunity to learn how to EFFECT CHANGE at their own departments when returning learning about the tragic events that OTHER FD's have gone they donít happen again! Change is NEVER easy and the "it wonít happen here" attitude is amongst numerous warning signs that it is "just a matter of time" until something bad occurs. This program will provide attendees with ideas and examples to positively effect changeó potentially saving "their own" firefighters' lives. The program will also focus hard on the relationship between the fire officer and the issues of being "liked" vs. the ability of the fire officer to do the job... and send their firefighters home to their loved ones-alive and well.


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Friday, March 31st 7:00 PM - 12:00 Midnight

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