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    Cool Come say Hi, to the new guy...

    Good morning,
    My name is Casey, I'm 22/m from Birmingham, Alabama. Currently a Nursing Major, but have decided to get my EMT-Basic/Paramedic Certifications (Spring of 06)...that's been the initial plan since I was 10, but life has its obstacles and I'm glad to say that I'm finally at a point to where I can over come most of them. Anyway, I've been frantically obsessed with the medical field, and fill my every days event with something pertaining to it, be it reading an EMT-Basic textbook, (which I aquired from my fiance who is a EMT-P, Critical Care whatever, and also holds a BSN)...so yeah anyway, or watching that lovely show "Paramedics', or 'Life In the ER," or something like that.

    I'm also looking in to volunteering for a local Fire Dept. or Rescue Squad, but haven't the slightest idea about what to say, what to expect or how to approach that crossing. Any suggestions?

    Well I don't want to write more than you want to read, but I suppose that's a bit late huh? Give me a page I'll give you a book...

    Well I hope to meet a lot of interesting people on here, and maybe perhaps learn a thing or two...

    Thanks and I'm glad to be here...
    Take care,
    Casey L. Mena

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    Default Hi

    Hello and Welcome from New Jersey

    I would suggest that you stop by your
    local fire house and say hello.
    Get to know the people at the station.
    Ask what you would need to do to
    become a vol. firefighter or EMT.
    Almost all the vol. fire and EMT depts
    are looking for help these days.
    I'll bet you will get all the information
    you will need and then some.

    Good luck!
    Gods Speed to our Troops!

    If you can't stand the heat, Get out of my way !!!

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    Greetings from North Mississippi! Glad to have you on the forums.

    I travel through B'ham several times a year, on vacation, trips what not....
    Brought our son down to UAB for a soccer camp this summer, he had a blast!

    Like dfdNo9 stated, find your local VFD and introduce yourself, most of the departments need EMT's more than anything........

    Good Luck, Alan
    Wren Volunteer Fire Department
    Southern Division


    In Memory of:
    FireFighter/Pilot James Archer
    "Rest in peace James, you now have the ultimate set of wings on you."

    Thanks, LeuitEFDems

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    Thanks for the replies...I do believe I will take a little trip to the local Volunteer Fire Dept....I heard that you have to live within 2 miles of it, to be a volunteer? I live well within 2 miles, but the 12th of Dec. I will be moving back to B'ham (in Sylacauga right now) for school at Bevill State Community College...and I won't be within a 2 mile radius of a fire dept.

    I appreciate the responses, and wish you guys a great week.

    Thanks again,


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