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    I have to buy 25 firefighters gifts for christmas this year. In the past I have bought them tools that they use, for example last year everyone got a nice L.E.D. Flashling, the year before a truck belt. I have about a 50 dollar per person budget.

    Any suggestions??


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    If nothing comes to mind that they've been needing lately, take a look at the equipment they are cuurently carrying. If something is getting old, warn, or unreliable, maybe it could be replaced/upgraded to a newer model. Leatherman, or Gerber tools are always a hit.

    Something else that doesn't cost much, is a certificate of appreciation signed by the chief, or town fathers, and framed real nice.

    If there's a couple bucks left over, through in a couple lotto tickets.
    There goes the neighborhood.

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    A few things you can get...

    Glove keepers
    Garrity lifelights
    spare batteries for pagers
    subscriptions to Firehouse, Fire Engineering or Fire Rescue magazine
    warm socks and mittens
    job shirts.
    field guides for fire and EMS ops
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    Not trying to give CaptGonzo a myocardial infarction but take a walk through an Our Designs catalog .
    My department's Board of Trustees has been perusing them to order knives and other thrinkets for the members at Christmas time.We all got knives last year and most of us actually use them on the fireground and at home.
    I also like the ideas posted by the others here,though a round of golf can be expensive in some areas,I hear.

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