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    Default Money for Katrina Victims

    Here's the deal. I am from Carberry, Manitoba Canada and belong to my local volunteer fire Department. We were down at Ft. Lauderdale for the International Vehicle Extrication Learning Symposium when Katrina hit. When we got home a week later we had moneys left over so decided to do something for the people that suffered from Katrina. We designed a pin and it should be here this week.

    As you can see there is a Maple Leaf and 2 axes crossing behind it.
    The Maple Leaf of course is to represent Canadians
    The axes are there to represent firefighters and the color is that the thought is there for those who lost their lives.

    We are going to be selling these pins, they are an inch in size and for $5.00 you can have one. All money made minus the cost of the pin will be going to the Red Cross for assistance in helping people who suffered from Katrina. The pin is approx. $2.50 to purchase which leaves $2.50 to go to the relief fund. Please help out and by a pin.

    More info will follow in the next couple of weeks as soon as we get the pins.

    Thank you for reading this post.
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