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    Default NFPA and Wheel Chocks

    I seem remember NFPA had backed off on the wheel chock height requirements. I had one of those giant folding finger smasher chocks get run over yesterday and I would like to replace it with a smaller fixed model.

    FWIW the folding chock did not fare very well at all. I think a smaller fixed chock might have survived this incident rather than failing.


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    In order for a wheel chock to do its job, it has to be tall enough that the tire won't roll over it. There's some magic formula or percentage of chock height to wheel diameter, but I couldn't begin to tell you what it is.

    I'm afraid I don't have NFPA standards handy right now. You might also try DOT standards as well.

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    Default chock it

    Not sure of any height requirements for chocks but we use Zico chocks that have a mount system that fits under the edge of the area around either side of the pump panels. We use a total of four chocks with two mounted on either side.

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