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    Quote Originally Posted by PFDTruck18
    Yeah, I just wish you Brits would convert to our system. Im tired of mm this cm that m this! I got no idea with out math to figure out wtf youre talking about! Conform you bastards, CONFORM!
    Funnily enough the system in use in the USA was brought over by the 'Pilgrim Fathers', England later changed to the Imperial measurement, Then those Europeans made us change from the imperial system to this damn metric system. I still cant get used to centimetres.

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    Standard International all the way. It really does make life simpler when you have to work out equations.
    "There are only two things that i know are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And im not so sure about the former."

    For all the life of me, i cant see a firefighter going to hell. At least not for very long. We would end up putting out all the fires and annoying the devil too much.

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