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    Default Cadet looking for interview/testing advice

    Hey guys,

    I'm currently in the fire academy in Imperial County, California, and I've been volunteering in the ICFD for a few months now. I've put my applications in for Firefighter I (which I'll complete next June in the academy) and for reserve. The test for FFI is next Wednesday, and reserve testing/interviewing is apparently TBA.

    I'll keep this post simple, but I'm looking for advice on going through the interview, if you have any. While I'm friendly with all my captains, and while it has been said that they'll be hiring out of this year's academy, I want to score as many points as I can on this and show them what I've learned so far.

    Thanks ahead of time,

    PS: Yes, the academy will last till next June. It's run through the local college this year as a two-semester program.
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    what he said

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