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    Does anyone know which states recognize which certifications, such as IFSAC? I know Texas does, but I just realized that Florida does not. Also, does anyone know how important these are, or how well certs from out of state reciprocate into new states?

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    Default IFSAC acceptability

    This should answer all your questions.

    As far as reciprocity, in my state of CA it is nearly impossible, unless you already have a job lined up. Most places you need a department training officer or chief officer to certify that your previous training meets their standards.

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    Kentucky honors IFSAC Certificates from other states as long as the person holding the certificate can prove they were tested both written and skills. They do not give you a KY certificate but honor the one you have from the other state or DOD. They are honored for Firefighter Certification Level 1 and 2 and Firefighter 1,2,Awareness and Ops. Certificates can be accepted for some degree work in the Kentucky Community Technicial College System toward an an associate degree. The IFSAC handbook does not spell this out because it is different with each IFSAC entity.

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    Arizona does.

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