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    I worked for Mutual Aid Emergency Services (MAES), based out of Egg Harbor Twp, NJ, and Somers Point, NJ. The Chief there was very much into the old Emergency Series. Since EMS Depts there are know as Squads, and MAES was a private squad, they were allowed to choose their own ID numbers.
    Guess what number he went for? Yup, Squad 51. The different Squads are 51-1, 51-2, 51-3, etc. The Johnny and Roy jokes follow us where ever we went.....
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    Our Department also has an old Dodge that looks like S-51. I had heard that they where going to do a movie back in Sept of 2001 but because of 9-11-01 they desided not to. May be some one with some pull in Hollywood can change their mind.
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