Councilor criticizes Fire District's response time

Some Park City Film Series patrons were beginning to get antsy Oct. 1 when it took firefighters several minutes to respond to an alarm at the Park City Library.
"The call was a malicious false call," Park City Fire Battalion Chief Steve Zwirn said, adding that someone pulled an alarm in a stairwell.

The department's Park Avenue fire station sits within hundreds of yards of the building. But firefighters stationed in Old Town were treating a patient at The Yarrow Hotel when the library call came in.

"They thought our response time was too long," Zwirn said. "The next closest fire station is the one at upper Deer Valley or the one at The Canyons."

According to Zwirn, it can take county dispatchers three minutes to notify firefighters of the alarm.

"That's just standard," he said.

The firefighters concluded their work at the hotel and were at the library within about four minutes of the department receiving the report, Zwirn said.

"We're well within the standards of response," he said, adding that departments around the country strive to respond in less than five minutes.

The Fire District is considering building a station in lower Deer Valley.

"These are the reasons why we are building a second station (in Park City)," Zwirn said. "These calls confirm the need for it."

Park City Councilor Marianne Cone raised the issue of the district's allegedly slow response time during the City Council's weekly meeting Thursday.

"I considered it unacceptable," she said Tuesday. "It just seems to me that that wasn't a very good response."

A man walked to the Park Avenue fire station before firefighters passed him on the street on their way to the library, she said.

"The response time was actually shorter than [Cone] thought," Park City Mayor Dana Williams said.