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    Default RIT: Tell me what you think

    I may be a little off on this but this is my take for RIT for most situations. While most of us carry things like webbing or ropes and some small tools in their bunkers along with bringing a tool with them when they enter a building (remember FF1) If we are on the initail attack line or venting a roof and 1 of us goes down we are the initail RIT team. We call the MAYDAY and relay information to command as to what type of emergency we have, where we are, and any other needed info. While the outside Firefighter Emergency Safety Team cordinates their plan. They are staged liked the traditional RIT team with all their qeuipment in the best place possible as determined by the FEST Chief. When a MAYDAY is recieved the IC and FEST chief aknowledge the MAYDAY. This is done after the IC orders all CO's to switch to another channel. This will take a minute or 2 to get the plan together With the IC, the FEST and the RIT team. The FEST needs to be at least an engine and truck or squad CO and a Chief. With the Chief there will be less temptation to freelance and this has to also be a cordinated event working together within itself but still with the initail operation. All the FEST team is really the rescue team. To make it easy to describe the RIT is kind of like the 1st responders and the FEST is like having paramedics responding. So The way I learned and teach it is this way because if your brother went down right in front of you I know your are going to try and help him which to me since you are there and already starting rescue that is rapid intervention. Don't forget to still try to get your job done like if you are the attack line then the saftey line should be within 30 seconds of your location. This technique is not 100% because sometimes things go very bad like when an entire company gets dropped into a basement or something else catastrophic, but if we practice this and get the basics built into our heards so it just comes normally to us if and when something like this happens we are preppared. It has worked well for us so far.

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    It appears to me that your FEST team is the traditional "RIT" and what you consider RIT is simply looking out for your buddy.

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    I agree with you that if a firefighter goes down the rest of the team can give the RIT an initial report of the condition of the firefighter and whats needed for the rescue, basically acting as the "initial RIT".

    But you also have to keep in mind the other two statements you made in your post. If you have a 3 man team, 1 goes down, now you have 2. One might have to continue fire attack to avoid further injuries...so that leaves you and only you for the "initial RIT". Secondly, if you all go through the floor, now the dedicated RIT team outside is going to be the "initial RIT" once you call the mayday or don't answer a PAR.

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    What you explained sounds more like a "Save your own" type situation....not RIT. Your RIT can't be taking part in any fireground activities except preparing for a possible rescue. If a "Mayday" call comes in, everyone on fireground operations cannot stop what they are doing to help, everything has to carry on. Think about what would happen to a fire if we suddenly stop fighting it.

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    Not to mention the depleted air supply of this "Initial RIT"...
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