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    Default ISI Viking Users?

    My Department has over 200 of these airpacks and they have been great. I have a question for anyone that is using these packs about fit of the mask, especially on a person with a small face.

    I have two firefighters with extremely small face that are having problems with the top of the mask being too high and interfering with the helmet being able to seat properly on the crown of the head.

    They have passed a fit test so air leakage is not an issue, it is a safety issue because the helmet will not stay on.
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    What type of helmet are you using ? that my have something to do with it. Some helmets ride higher or lower.

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    Didn't have that problem during our recent evaluations of all makes of SCBA, in fact that was one of the few things I did like about the ISI was how well it interfaced with the helmet. I was wearing a 2002 Cairns N5A at the time.

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    Duct Tape.
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    We have ISI Vikings, and haven't noticed an issue. I can see what you're saying though, and could see where it could be a problem. Could you possibly open the helmet a little more and tighten the chin strap a little tighter? that way it would sit farther down and still be securely fastened.

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    Default No Problems here.....

    we have been using them for a few years now, but have not had anyone make a complaint such as that.
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