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Are you people nuts? They could give you guys $100 and you would bitch because it ws in $20 bills.

This appropriation is GOOD FOR THE FIRE SERVICE!

1. Yes, the AFG was cut less than $100 million. But the SAFER grants were increased dramatically. Maybe they are tired of buying physical fitness equipment and bells and whistles we don't really need. Puttnig money into manpower is a smart thing.

2. Getting the USFA out of FEMA is the biggest gift they can possibly give the fire service. The agency has its own line item and is also no longer tied to EMI. That, hjopefully, means no more bastard stepchild.

3. The DHS grants aer going to be awarded more based on all-hazards and risk approach than on strictly terrorism.

4. We got gobs of money for NIMS.

5. There aer increases in other grant programs that are available to the fire service.

6. They are recognizing the criris in inter-operability in communications systems.

7. They are directing DHS to provide more funding for EMS.

What the hell else do you guys want? I seriously get the impression that unless they provide every FD in the country with new apparatus, new gear, new communications and new stations, some of you would never be happy.

These appropriations are leaps and bounds more than we were getting ten years ago. How about we all call our Senators and the White House and thank them for what they have done instead of knocking them because you didn't get everything you wanted?

George, I know you and I largely disagreed on a number of items in the past...ultimately leading to me getting the boot temporarily...but I have to tell ya...I agree with you on just about everything you said here!