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    Thumbs up Finally Received the Official Word

    Howdy there,
    Im Charles and Im a Senior in high school. Ive been reading posts here for a while and figured id get a name and start posting a little. I just received word that I was accepted to Eastern Kentuck University into the Fire and Safety Engineering Techonology program. I have had some experience with Emergency Medical Care in my years in Boy Scouts. I look forward to learning a lot from these forums and having some good hints and ideas when I get to school next year.

    Stay safe,

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    Awesome job Charles, I love hearing about the youth of today staying in school and furthering there education, and add firefighting/fire training on top of it is just a bonus.

    I cant wait to hear some of the stuff you learn in college. Heck, maybe you'll teach some of the "oletimers" in here a few things.

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    Default Hi

    Hello and Welcome from New Jersey

    Good luck with school, If we can help let us know
    Gods Speed to our Troops!

    If you can't stand the heat, Get out of my way !!!

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