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    Question An ITAC question

    Our department switched to the ITAC accountability system this last summer, and we recently had our first big general alarm to see how it works. As a division officer at the fire, I had a problem in how I handled a part of the ITAC system, and I'm looking for some advice on how to avoid it in the future.

    I was in charge of division bravo on the alarm. I had 11 personnel on 4 different ITAC passports working for me. About halfway through the incident, command contacted me and asked if I had someone I could "break away" to go to division alpha as they needed more personnel and staging was empty. We were in full defensive mode at the time and most of my guys were just sitting on exposure lines so I responded that I could turn one of my personnel over to division alpha. Here's were the problem started. The guy I wanted to break loose was part of a 5 man team; engine 07. All our extra passports are kept on the command rig, so I had no passport to give him to take with him. I simply took his name tag off the engine 07 passport, gave it to him, and told him to report to command for reassignment. This caused some problems when he reported to the command post because they wanted to know where his passport was. He said he didn't have one, division bravo officer (me) had just given him his name tag. He eventually found his way to division alpha and we decided we'd hash this out at the post incident critique.

    What came out at the critique was that (in ITAC) not only should teams never be broken up, but personnel should *never* be given just their name tags. I don't see how I could have avoided breaking up the engine 07 team, division alpha wanted 1 guy, not 5, plus I couldn't spare all 5 of them. Also, with all blank passports being kept on the command rig, I didn't have a passport to afix his name tag to, I didn't see any alternative to giving him his individual nametag.

    I'm hoping to hear from some FFs out there who have used ITAC for a long time to give me some advice or feedback on how they would have handled this and how we can avoid the problem in the future.

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    It may have been a good idea to contact command and let them know that you were breaking up personnel from a E-07 and that he/she was reporting to the CP without a passport. By doing this the accountability of that member could be tracked and should there have been a problem he/she could have been accounted for.

    Another idea is that command request more uints/personnel to the scene to keep the company integrity in-place, if that is an option.
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