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    Default Sprinkler/Standpipe Operations

    I am currently developing SOG's for our department. A debate has arisen out of one of the proposed guidelines.

    When there is a working fire in progress and the first due engine arrives to a building that is both sprinklered and has standpipes, what is the operational priority assuming that you have a secure source of water. The general consensus is that the sprinkler stystem should have priority but I have a few that feel the standpipe should be the firsst operational priority.

    I would be very interested to hear what other departments are doing in similiar circumstances.

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    I am not sure what our exact SOP/SOG is, but I personally would go with charging the standpipe before the sprinkler.

    We are counting on the standpipe to supply us water to our lines to fight the fire. The standpipe is our "security blanket". Searches might be underway without the protection of a hoseline and the attack lines need to be charged ASAP.

    Additionally, if you wait to supply the stand-pipe you might be delaying the discovery of a standpipe problem. Just the other day a few companies over from me started filling up the basement because of a broken siamese pipe (or something like it). It was quickly corrected, but the Engine companies started an exterior rope stretch for a fire on the 16th floor!

    Just my thoughts, but I would go with protecting the brothers first.
    Good Luck, Stay Low & Stay Safe

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