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    Question what to do in Grand Rapids

    I currently am 20 years old and live in Grand Rapids, MI. I want to start volunteering for a fire department but I don't know which ones are volunteer and which ones aren't. If you become a volunteer do they do some kind of training on you or do you just learn from experience. Is it paid or not and do you work shifts or are you on call?


    PS You guys are heroes

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    If you live in GR you're kind of outta luck as far as getting on a volunteer department. Pretty much every department in Kent county has some type of paid on call staff. I believe Alto is the only true volunteer department. (I may be wrong.)Depending on where your at, Plainfield, Cascade, Kentwood, Walker, and Wyoming are all pretty decent.

    If you get on as POC the department will put you through Firefighter I and II, and most likely MFR or EMTB.

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