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    Exclamation US Marine stationed in Okinawa Japan looking to become a Firefighter.

    Well as the title states. I am a Marine stationed in Okinawa Japan and I am looking to become a firefighter. The issue that I am dealing with is that my current location is making it impossible for me to begin the application process. Which includes me to be present for the entire duration. So my question to all those who have years of knowledge at Firefighting and have already got there foot through the door. With one year left on my contract. What can I do NOW that will increase my chances of landing a job with a fire department?

    Willy T

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    The answer to your question is mooch whatever training you can out of the Military. EMT, Paramedic, High Angle, Dive Rescue, Trench Rescue, Investigation classes, ANYTHING.

    This I doubt, but if you can get down to Goodfellow AFB in Texas, they have just about everything you need, but I am sure that your MOS is already tied up and with only one year left, I doubt they will send you back to the states to give you such extensive training.

    The worst case senario is that you get nothing and that when you get back and begin the application process, you say all the things the interviewer wants to hear.

    Example. Tell them:
    "How the Corps made you a leader."
    "How it made you aware of the safety of others in your command but that you matained the dedication to enter dangerous situations to get the job done."

    Stuff like that.

    Remember the American Fire Service is very Para-military. Anything that you bring to the table that they don't have to re-teach (i.e. Ability to follow commands, courage, honor) it is a major plus in your favor.

    Whe you get out, stay focused, stay dedicated, you shouldn't have to much of a problem getting your foot in the door.

    ~~ By the way... have you hugged Navy Corpman today? Semper Fi ~~

    Navy Corpsman - The Marines have finally found their few good men.

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    Hello - check web sites of fire departments - I know many departments like to hire former military personnel. Our department tests every six months - so you may be able to take an entrance exam on a break to be eligible when you get out.

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    I served MCAS hawaii got out and now have myself and 2 guys that served with me in the same station. We are DOD Fed on an airforce base (utah test and training range).
    I you want to go where the money is go DOD. The best and easiest way in is by creating a profile at (www.afpc.randolph.af.mil) get all your certs and info. on the site and begin to self-nominate for everything. Take whatever is offered to you and anywhere it is offered. By doing this you can get a foot in the door and after one year you will be able to transfer out to a different station. The airforce pukes love the marines and you can usually find a devildog floating somewhere in all departments. Need more info. E-mail me at (cory.lingelbach@hill.af.mil) ask around I served from 96-00 some of you ssgt's and higher may know me.

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