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    Default First live training burn

    I'm not with a department yet, but I'm taking Firefighter I right now and we just did our first burn at a training facility. It was awesome!! My knees sure got sore from crawling around on the cement floor though. It was a lot hotter than I expected too- one of the guys in our group was standing up, I'm not sure why because it was drilled in our head to stay down, but his face shield on his helmet started to melt. I was a little nervous the first time I went in, just because I didn't know what to expect, but it became easier the second and third time going in. I was breathing easier and was working the nozzle much better by the end. I can't wait to get hired and do this for a living now!!

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    Congrats! The real thing is even more fun!

    I hate to crawl...If the building I'm in is on a slab, I'll usually just crouch. If it's insanely hot, or if it's off-grade though, I'm usually on my hands and knees. Falling through a hole in the floor is no fun.

    Good luck with the schooling. Stay safe!

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    Default Congratulations!

    Was is propane fire, or burning class A material? I have done the training tower thing twice now, and the two experiences were very different. The first time was with the propane jets and smoke machines, the second time was with pallets/straw/etc.

    The first time was really intense - we went in and crawled up a hallway to attack one fire, then when that was out one rose up behind us, and after that we had to go up a stairwell and around a corner to the "bedroom" fire. Physically, it was far more difficult than I had expected - the floors in that case were metal and when they were wet it was impossible even to crawl - we were pretty much "swimming" on our bellies most of the time! And the stairwell was a bitch! Psychologically it was also quite a shock at first - the first room we went into had so much smoke that I could not see anything but the butt of the FF in front of me. I could not even see the glow of the fire, which surprised me. For about ten seconds I felt myself panicking, and I thought "****, I'm not going to be able to do this job". But then we got moving again and I felt better. Got to go through that tower three times that night, and by the end it was fun.

    The second time, with the class A materials, we did not do so much charging around. It was more going into a room and hanging out watching the fire build and the smoke come down and the heat come down, flowing a bit of water and seeing what the fire did, feeling the effect of the steam - basically playing with things until the instructor said to put it out. I really enjoyed that.

    I am hoping to get to take part in a training burn at an actual structure one of these days. Unfortunately, I just missed signing up for one that our neighboring department is having this coming weekend.

    Glad you had fun!
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