To followup on previous discussion.

Available Jacksonville FL Navy base. 3ea From Willard Marine

I have not inspected or talked to Jacksonville. Rated in decent condition and photos look promising. With trailer. Go to:

Click "more info" link at the left margin for photos and telephone contact info.

Looks to me like to have potential for fire service craft. This is a commerical craft not recreational/toy. Large rear deck for med or equipment storage. Fore deck for monitor (or on pilot house). Enclosed pilot house. Large inboard engine/out drive. Evidently a large below deck space (for fire pump) as can collect/hold 1000gal of spillage. Only 8 yr old and this it the type of equipment that gets little use.

Note the draft is 24" to 34". Not going to beach it.

Mfg link:

Contact your state fed surplus office now if interested. Last day to request is <b>Friday<b>. My advice is call your state office and tell them you need a boat, you have located it and will transport, what will you charge to process the paperwork. THEN tell them where/what it its.

Info they will need to req. from DOD is
and DTID or N4223752982101 or N4223752982102 or N4223752982103

If you don't know who your state off is go to